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The digital health app M-sense Migraine is now available as an app on prescription!

Data Security & Privacy

M-sense Migraine meets the highest requirements for data protection and data security.


Manage your Migraine

With the headache diary of M-sense Migraine you can discover your individual headache pattern! Document your attacks, track medication intake and effects, and find out what triggers your migraine.


Take Charge of your Health

Avoid future migraine attacks with validated non-drug therapy methods derived from clinical practice – i.e. relaxation exercises and endurance exercises specifically tailored to prevent migraines. During an attack, the app provides you with exercises conceived to soothe your pain.


Analyse your Progress

Our doctor’s report, developed by specialists, serves as the foundation of information for the medical consultation. It provides your physician with a brief, concise overview of your personal attack and symptom history, enabling him or her to tailor their treatment to you.

Prescription at a Glance

M-sense Migraine on Prescription

  • Health application against your migraine

    • Digital migraine treatment program
    • Headache diary, therapy, acute aid
    • Analyze progress & share medical reports
  • Simply get it as an app on prescription

    • Have your doctor issue a prescription
    • Send other proof of diagnosis to your health insurance company
    • Get your free unlock code
    • Download & start M-sense Migraine
  • Free of charge for you

    • M-sense Migraine is available to you free of charge
    • Reimbursement by all public health insurance companies

Prescribe M-sense Migraine M-sense Migräne

  • Why the DiGA M-sense Migraine?

    • Simplified patient communication
    • Increased therapy compliance
    • Minimized consumption of pain medication
  • Simple reimbursement process through public health insurances

    • Select M-sense Migraine in the practice management system (PZN 12345678)
    • Create and print the prescription (“Muster 16”)
    • Issue the prescription to the patient
  • No additional costs for your practice

    • The prescription of M-sense Migraine does not affect the remedy or medication budget of your practice.

The Features of M-sense Migraine

Acute Aid

Migraine Facts


The third most common

disease in the world is migraine. A total of 10-15% of the world population is affected.


9 million people

suffer from migraine every day in Germany. 100,000 of them are unable to work.


Every fourth woman

between the ages of 30 and 40 is undergoing medical treatment for migraine.


Twice as many women

as men are affected by migraines. This is still evenly balanced in childhood.


3.9 billion Euro

is the indirect cost of employee absenteeism due to migraine in Germany alone.

Aus dem M-sense Magazin

What our Users say about M-sense Migräne

What our Users say about M-sense Migräne

»This app is really awesome! A MUST for all migraine patients! You can analyze your pain and keep an accurate migraine diary. My neurologist is also thrilled and was able to choose a better medication thanks to the app”.«

— Eva

»At the beginning I was very skeptical, but now I am delighted: Since I can observe the triggers better using the entries in the app, I have had fewer and less severe migraine attacks. Thank you very much for the development and for the continuous improvement!«

— Mark

»I have had migraine & tension headaches for years without any real treatment success. I have been using the app for some time now and this has indeed shown a pattern that can be easily treated with medication. What a relieving feeling to reduce my attacks by half!«

— Kiki

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