The headaches and migraine app M-sense is a product of Newsenselab GmbH.

The Newsenselab Team

There are currently over 20 people in our team working together to develop the best app for headache and migraine. Many of us are affected by headache and migraine ourselves and know what it means to live with these conditions.

We help people with headache and migraine to become experts of their own health. It is our vision to give the user up-to-date knowledge from the leading headache specialists and offer the most effective therapy methods. Our headache and migraine app M-sense is constantly learning with each new entry, helping both those affected as well as the scientific community to understand headache and migraine better.

Privacy protection is particularly important to us. Our app M-sense has therefore been designed with data protection in mind from the very beginning.

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Dahlem

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Dahlem

Executive Director, CEO & Co-Founder

By training, Markus is a theoretical physicist. Previously, he spent more than 20 years in academic research using computer models to understand the pathophysiology of migraine. Important parts of his research have been published in migraine textbooks. Market access, medical science liaison, and regulatory affairs are his new responsibilities.

Martin Spaeth

Martin Späth

CTO & Co-Founder

Martin studied web and media technology and worked for the software and consultancy company CRP Informationssysteme GmbH as a software architect and developer. As a freelance software engineer, he gained extensive experience in the integration of software and hardware systems.

Simon Scholler

Simon Scholler

Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder

Simon studied cognitive science and computational neuroscience and was part of the Machine Learning Group at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin). As a data scientist and software developer for Ocado and Zalando, he worked on the development of statistical prototypes and their implementation into operable statistical systems.

Birgit Schmitz Autorin

Birgit Schmitz

Author and blogger

Birgit Schmitz is an author and the director of the Hamburg-based publishing house Hoffmann & Kampe. In her book Der Schmerz ist die Krankheit (“Pain is the Illness”), she writes about her chronic tension-type headaches.

Diana Hagenberg

Diana Hagenberg

Head of Marketing

Diana studied political sciences and sociology. After her studies, she co-built the IPTV music channel MotorTV and worked as a radio editor at MotorFM as well as in the music editorial office for Puls/BR. She recently managed the online editorial team for the Berlin-based radio station FluxFM and supervised the station’s app.


Irina Hubalek

Psychological Associate

After completing her diploma and MSc in psychologist, Irina went on to become a fully licensed psychological psychotherapist. Currently, she is in further training to become a specialist in pain psychotherapy. She works at the Charité university clinic in Berlin in pain therapy and leads behavioural therapy-oriented groups for the headache clinic. She also works with patients individually, with a focus on non-pharmaceutical strategies for coping with pain. In addition to this, she has a teaching position for doctor-patient communication and teaches a relaxation therapy course. Irina’s provides us with important professional experience and in depth practical knowledge in the field of psychology.


Johannes Windolph

Marketing Manager

Having studied photography at university, Johannes contributes his visual expertise to the marketing team at M-sense. As someone who is himself affected by migraine, he is constantly on the lookout for new perspectives and exciting stories about all things headache-related.

Julian Klinger

Julian Klinger

Director Market Access & Operations

Julian studied philosophy & economics in Mannheim, Swansea, and Hamburg. He was the co-founder of a social media start-up and spent the last three years working on digitalisation in the German healthcare system at the University of Bremen. At M-sense, he is responsible for reimbursement models for digital health applications, business development, and key account management.

Katharina Gotic

Katarina Gotic

Digital Quality Management Assistant

Katarina completed her Master’s degree in Neuroscience, during which she realized that academia can’t fully satisfy her desire for innovation, creativity, and her aspiration to make a direct social impact. After researching Neurofeedback and Brain-Computer Interface in a controlled laboratory environment, Katarina became particularly enthused about implementation of these technologies in everyday life. Apart from fantasizing about new digital therapeutics, Katarina is taking care of medical device regulations for M-sense.

Laura Rolfs

Laura Rolfs

Marketing Intern

Laura completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and subsequently joined our marketing team. She is passionate about educational work, destigmatisation of chronic and psychological illness, and feminism. Alongside her volunteer work in various social projects — such as the German Alliance for Mental Health (Aktionsbündnis Seelische Gesundheit), Wahnsinnig Normal, and her own co-founded feminist group G21 — she works on our blog, social media channels, and project management.


Lorenzo Tognalini

Software Engineer

Lorenzo originally comes from Rome, where he completed his degree in software engineering. Alongside his passion for basketball and music, he works diligently on iOS development at M-sense. With his background in machine learning, Lorenzo has considerable experience as a developer, especially in mobile technology and gaming. We are very grateful to have him on the team at M-sense, where he delivers his invaluable skills and experience in the development of our app.


Luis Grass

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Luis works to ensure visual quality and consistency at M-sense. During his studies in interface design, he developed interactive installations for clubs and exhibitions and worked especially passionately on experiments in brain-computer interfaces for digital health products. He worked as a UI/UX designer on the conception of various apps and services for IXDS and helped shape the startup Mimi Hearing Technologies from the very beginning. Ever on the hunt for new challenges, he is now working for M-sense as the design generalist, always ready to provide his expert guidance and assistance.

Manuela Meier

Manuela Meier

Executive Assistant to CEO

Manuela supports us in HR, accounting and management assistance through her extensive professional experience. As a human resources manager and graduate marketing consultant with specialisation on service marketing, she focuses on the topic of “positive working atmosphere” from a variety of perspectives.

Mona Kattwinkel 2

Mona Kattwinkel

Migraine expert and author

Mona studied special needs education in Cologne with a focus on mental development and learning and is soon to start her master’s in rehabilitation science. As a member of the MigräneLiga e.V. Deutschland (a self-help organisation in Germany for people who suffer from migraine and headache) and someone who has been affected by migraine for many years, she helps with her knowledge and personal experience with the illness in our marketing team.


Nils Geiselhart

Software Engineer

Nils once studied law, but found applied computer science much more interesting. Following this change in direction, he is now working at M-sense on his bachelor's thesis in data science, specifically on the triggers of migraine. Alongside his research, he also helped develop the iOS version of the app.

Stefanie Brockhaus

Stefanie Brockhaus

Psychological Associate

Stefanie is a psychologist and currently in further studies for psychological psychotherapy. She has worked in inpatient psychosomatic and psychiatric care. In addition to this, she was responsible for the psychological treatment of chronic pain patients in stationary care. Alongside her work at M-sense, she practices outpatient psychotherapy. The wide-ranging practical experience which she brings to the table plays an important role in the development of M-sense.

Stefka 6


Head of Medical

Stefka is a psychologist and a licensed psychotherapist. During her training, she worked in inpatient psychosomatic care, specialising in pain therapy. She teaches relaxation techniques and doctor-patient communication at the Charité university clinic in Berlin as well as working as a psychotherapist. Her professional experience and enthusiasm are a great boon to the development of M-sense.


Tobias Reich

Software Engineer

During his studies in film and camera work, Tobias discovered that his real passion and talent lay in IT. He consequently adjusted his focus and studied media computer science in Berlin. He specialises in Android devices and with his passion and expert knowledge he is a great asset to the M-sense team.

Advisory Board

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