App on Prescription

The digital health app M-sense Migraine is now available as an app on prescription!

Data Security & Privacy

M-sense Migraine meets the highest requirements for data protection and data security.

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Headache Diary & Trigger Analysis

The integrated diary goes beyond a “classic” headache calendar. The monitoring of attacks, possible triggers and pain medication helps patients to recognize their individual headache pattern and to prevent medication-overuse headache (MÜK).

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Non-Drug Therapy Methods

Relaxation exercises, education and endurance sports can help to prevent migraine attacks. With the acute aid, affected persons can soothe their pain during attacks with physiotherapeutic exercises and imagination.

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Headache classification & Physician’s Report​

The app records characteristics and accompanying symptoms of reported attacks and generates a physician’s report, developed in cooperation with headache specialists. The physician’s report provides a comprehensive overview of headache days, medication intake and effects.

M-sense Migräne can be prescribed as follows

The digital health application M-sense Migraine can be prescribed for any migraine patient (G43). There are no contraindications. As usual, the prescription is made via “Muster 16” and the respective central pharmaceutical number (PZN) for the app.

Verordnungs Schritte


The DiGA M-sense Migraine was developed specifically for the treatment of migraine. This concerns patients with the diagnosis of ICD code G43.

Medical App

Select M-sense Migraine in the practice management system via the central pharmaceutical number (PZN) or directly enter the M-sense Migraine PZN 123456789.


Print the information on the prescription form (Muster 16). Issue the prescription to the patient in paper form.
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The prescription of the digital health application does not affect your practice’s budget. All German public health insurance companies cover the costs.

Here is how M-sense Migraine helps you treat migraine

We will send you information about M-sense Migraine directly to your practice!


We will send you information about M-sense Migraine directly to your practice!


An overview of the features included in M-sense Migraine

Acute Aid

Here’s what our Headache Experts have to say about M-sense Migräne

New impulses for migraine research - learn more about our research projects

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The most important questions about M-sense Migraine

M-sense Migraine is to be used by patients with an existing migraine diagnosis (ICD-10 G43, ICHD3 1), including pure menstrual migraine and menstrual associated migraine (ICHD3 A1.1.1-2 and A1.2.0.1-2).

The app provides physicians with answers to a large number of questions for patients in a straightforward form:

  • What type of headache is it?
  • How often do they occur?
  • What are the accompanying symptoms?
  • Which and how many medications are taken?
  • What influence do individual lifestyle factors have?

The physician’s report, which users can print out or send to their doctor’s office digitally, allows physicians to perform a time-efficient, yet individualized and detailed anamnesis and follow-up, and provides support in the diagnostic and therapeutic process. Information on and provision of non-drug methods (e.g. relaxation audio files) complement the drug treatment provided by the physician.

For you as a physician, the use of M-sense Migraine does not create any additional time expenditure.


The patient installs M-sense Migraine via the App or Play Store on his smartphone or tablet. To start with, the patient is onboarded with questions about the duration of their condition and personal goals. In the next step, the functions in M-sense Migraine and its benefits for the patient are explained. Before using the individual functions for the first time, their functions are explained and the patient is thus gradually introduced to the use of M-sense Migraine.


If desired, the app provides a report for the patient to bring to each consultation, which can be discussed together. An explanation of individual functions by the attending physician is therefore not necessary.

Patients independently document attacks and accompanying symptoms. In addition, patients record their medication intake in the App, as well as triggers relevant to them personally and the use of non-drug therapy methods such as relaxation exercises and endurance sports.


Based on the physician’s report created by the user, the attending physician is given an overview of the number of headache days in the course of the last months as well as an overview of the medication taken and its effectiveness. Thus, M-sense Migraine can support the physician in the treatment of migraine in the long term.

Patients receive an overview of headache symptoms, personal lifestyle factors and medication intake frequency. This enables them to optimally monitor the course of the disease and the success of their chosen therapy methods. The headache diary helps them to identify and manage possible triggers. The feedback on the medication taken can prevent overuse of medication. At the same time, M-sense Migraine provides evidence-based informational content that supports the development of preventive measures. The acute aid section of the health app provides access to relaxation techniques, imagination and physiotherapy exercises to be used at any time and place.

Yes, the knowledge imparted and all methods presented within M-sense Migraine are based on the findings of current and carefully selected studies as well as the recommendations of the current guidelines.

Zukunftsregion Digitale Gesundheit (ZDG) is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Health that runs until 2022. This initiative aims to bring digital solutions into greater practical application in order to gain insights into their use in healthcare. An initial sub-project of the ZDG tests “digital care services” (DiVAs) directly in the everyday practice of doctors and patients. DiVAs are digital applications, such as smartphone apps or web applications, that help patients with chronic headaches or migraines to manage themselves.

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